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We care about people from all backgrounds

Digital products and services have unlocked immense value for many people all around the world. Thanks to advancements in technology we now work, learn, communicate, exercise, transact, have fun, and, in general, live better than ever before.

Unfortunately, the advantages of tech are not universally attainable. In many cases, this is because of inadequate ICT infrastructure. However, in many more cases it is due to designers overlooking the differences among their users.

Whether it be a result of language, culture, exposure to technology, literacy, age, gender, education, income, or any other dimension, users are not the same. This is especially true in Africa. Therefore, tech products or services should not be designed as though every user is like the “typical user” in the mind of your development team. We believe in inclusive technology design.

This is why we aspire to deliver delightful, safe and accessible experiences

Do you measure your products or services by their quality and according to the impact they have, or do you merely check whether they have been delivered? The experience economy is here and now. Customers and employees are no longer satisfied with just being satisfied.

Products and services should be measured by the quality of the experiences they evoke. The time has passed where you can flourish or even survive by fulfilling some need or providing some function alone. You must ensure that your product or service is usable and convenient to consume. Furthermore, to move beyond satisfaction, your product or service must be designed to delight its users or consumers.

We are here to assist those developing or upgrading products or services, whether for customers or employees, in ensuring that the end result delivers an experience that surpasses expectations and cultivates loyalty.

We do this by applying science driven, human centred experience design


We have a strong association with the Informatics Design Labs at the University of Pretoria. Our founders continue to conduct research on Human-Computer Interaction, Interaction Design, and User Experience, publishing their work in acclaimed and peer-reviewed scientific journals and conferences. Accordingly, our Experience Design methodology as well as the individual methods and techniques we apply to resolve particular experience problems are backed by science and rooted in rigorously developed practices.

Our design philosophy is steeped in the principles of User Centred Design (UCD), which places primary focus on the human users of products or services throughout the design process. Business objectives and technological constraints are not disregarded, but rather serve as the parameters within which we orchestrate the best possible experiences for users.

We execute this process in a nimble, iterative, and collaborative manner taking account of the typical time and resource limitations. It is our conviction that, with the right approach, a symbiotic relationship between consumers, business, and technology is possible.

What we do


We develop a holistic, omni-channel game plan to achieve UX objectives under conditions of uncertainty and change.


Product or Service UX Strategy, Agile UXD Consulting, UX Maturity Framework, UX Skills Framework

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We follow an iterative and agile process to design interactive products that evoke delightful and engaging experiences.


Participatory Design, Wireframing, Copywriting, Asset and Content Creation, Visual and UI Design, Clickable Prototypes, Style Guides, Complete Screens

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We evaluate and validate designs using inputs from real users (like customers or employees).


Eye-tracking Assessment, Observational Field Studies, Heuristic Evaluations, UX Surveys, Comparative Usability Testing, UX Audit

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We apply a range of investigative methods to discover users’ needs, goals, and expectations as well as contextual factors that influence the experience.


Ethnographic Studies, Focus Groups, Market Landscape, Personas, Use Case Development, Customer Journey Mapping

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UX Lab

We have exclusive access to a world class design lab at the University of Pretoria owing to our agreement with the Informatics Design Labs. These facilities can also be leased for research, design or testing activities facilitated by your company’s specialists.


Lab Based Testing, Quantitative UX Studies

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We build custom software solutions to find a beautiful balance between business goals and user needs.


Web Apps, Mobile Apps and/or Desktop Apps

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Who we've worked with

"When WeBuyCars embarked on digital transformation journey, the first point we needed to address was the user experience and usability of the digital channels exposed to our customers. We appointed Monkey and River to help us redesign our website aiming for enhanced user experience and usability. When we launched,  the number of visitors to our site surged and our conversion rate almost doubled. Aiming for seamless, convenient, and enjoyable experiences for your customers, I’d certainly recommend this team."

Wynand Beukes, Chief Digital Officer at We Buy Cars

"We have been using Monkey and River as software developers for the past 2 years. The quality of their work, inputs on UI/UX related issues, and professionalism has been an asset to our company from the offset. Their user centered and jobs to be done approach makes them an excellent choice for UI/UX design and front-end development."

Gustav du Plessis, Edublox Online Tutor Product manager

"I was recently privileged to work with Monkey and River on a project at MMI Holdings. Monkey and River joined the project to assist with UI Design and I was very impressed with their ability to integrate into the team. Although they joined the project later than the rest of the team, they very quickly got to grips with the project and were able to add very valuable input into the design of the app as well as the app's user experience."

Ingrid Heighton, MMI Holdings

"The Monkey and River team was a group of consummate professionals, who were easy to work with, and delivered excellent quality of work when they designed and built our faculty’s online research management and reporting system. Thanks to this solution, we have access to actionable insights that were never available before."

Natasha Jeftha, Health Faculty Grant Manager at University of Pretoria

"For a key research project, we had a mobile app developed by partners abroad that was to be implemented in South Africa, but we were concerned that the unique social and technological environment would give rise to unforeseen challenges. Monkey and River were remarkably helpful in ensuring that  our foreign colleagues understood the local constraints and that our app could be implemented successfully."

Prof. Juan Bronman, Head of Department of Centre for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (CAAC) at University of Pretoria