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At Monkey and River, every team member brings a unique story, a blend of experiences, and a passion for excellence. Today, we're diving into the journey of Annie, one of our dedicated UX Analyst/Business Analyst.

Educational Background & Early Days:


Annie, an informatics graduate from the University of Pretoria, is currently wrapping up her master's in MIT ICT management. Her initial exposure to Monkey and River came during her academic years when two directors from the company served as her lecturers. Their influence led her to the world of UX, a domain she wasn't previously familiar with.

The Keystone Project & Joining Monkey and River:


While working on her keystone project, Annie was approached by the directors for an interview. This led her to "shadow" a senior member, refining business processes rather than focusing solely on UI designs. Over time, she has evolved from shadowing to spearheading projects independently.

A Day in Annie's Shoes:


Annie's day varies based on the project phase. It could range from team meetings to understanding the project's stage, requirements gathering, designing wireframes, or high-fidelity UI designs. The constant? Ensuring that the end user is always the focal point.

Team Dynamics & Work Culture:


The Monkey and River team is more than just coworkers; they share laughs, challenges, and even the occasional pool game. Annie cherishes the balance of professionalism and camaraderie, emphasizing the importance of understanding and respecting each other's boundaries.

Embracing Challenges & Looking Ahead:


While Annie has explored different domains, including a brief stint with development, her heart lies in design. She values flexibility and sees herself adapting to the company's needs while seeking challenges that push her growth boundaries.

Advice to Aspiring UX Designers:


For those stepping into the UX world, Annie recommends "The Design of Everyday Things" by Don Norman. This book, she believes, offers a fresh lens to understand and appreciate the world of design.

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