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Fedhealth, a leading healthcare provider, sought to enhance their online platform to improve user experience and streamline the plan selection process. Their goal was to provide personalised plan recommendations and reinforce their commitment to outstanding client service.

The Challenge


Fedhealth faced challenges in simplifying the medical aid decision-making process and delivering a user-friendly experience. They needed a solution that could efficiently provide tailored plan suggestions based on individual needs and preferences.

The Solution


To address these challenges, we collaborated with Fedhealth to develop the "Create My Aid" feature for their website. This feature included a user-friendly interface for inputting personal details and needs, while an advanced backend algorithm generated personalised plan recommendations. The streamlined process simplified the medical aid decision-making process and provided well-informed choices for users.

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Achievements and Results


The implementation of the "Create My Aid" feature significantly improved the user experience on the platform. Users gained confidence in their plan selection, and the tailored approach managed their expectations. This led to increased user satisfaction and fostered greater trust in the Fedhealth brand.

Benefits and Impact


The "Create My Aid" feature had several benefits for both Fedhealth and its clients. It streamlined the plan selection process, saving users time and effort. The personalised plan recommendations enhanced client onboarding and improved overall user satisfaction. Fedhealth experienced increased user confidence in their plan selections, resulting in a stronger brand reputation and customer loyalty.




The collaboration with Fedhealth successfully transformed the user experience on their online platform and revolutionised the plan selection process. The "Create My Aid" feature provided personalised plan recommendations, simplified decision-making, and fostered trust in the Fedhealth brand. This case study exemplifies our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that address the unique needs of our clients, ultimately contributing to their success in the market.