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Streamlining Reporting and Device Management for Huge Connect

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Project Overview


Huge Connect, a telecommunications company, embarked on a collaboration with us in May 2019 to achieve key project goals, including improving reporting accuracy, enhancing device management, creating a call data record management system (CDR), and developing a customer relation management micro-service.

Project Expansion and Challenges


As the project progressed, it expanded into a multi-faceted platform. However, several challenges arose, including the efficient analysis of usage data from three network operators and the implementation of management for various proprietary routers.

Solutions Implemented


To address these challenges, we implemented a data warehouse-like backend using Postgres and Clickhouse, leveraging their strengths for efficient data processing. We wrote micro-services in Golang to enable seamless integration and communication between various components.

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Innovation and Transformation


We implemented emerging technologies and innovative ideas to streamline WBC's business processes. Some of these breakthroughs include tagging each inventory item with QR codes for easy tracking, automating business process flows for efficiency, and introducing 360-degree vehicle photography to improve the online viewing experience on WBC's customer-facing website

Our goal is to leverage our expertise in design and innovation to help WBC enhance their software products and improve their overall user experience.

Software Stack Components


The software stack included AngularUI and Ionic-AngularUI for the user interface, NodeJS and Golang micro-services for backend functionality, two APIs for data retrieval, and Postgres and Clickhouse for data storage. Bitnami Kafka facilitated reliable messaging and event-driven architecture.


Design Process and User Experience Focus


The design process involved wire-framing and prototyping to ensure a polished user interface (UI) and enhanced user experience (UX). Our team prioritised creating an intuitive and visually appealing interface.