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Simplifying Life Insurance Applicant Data Collection with a Mobile Web Application

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We were tasked with creating a mobile web application to simplify the process of collecting life insurance applicant information. The objective was to streamline data capture and provide a user-friendly experience for both applicants and insurance agents.

The Challenge


The traditional process of gathering applicant information for life insurance was time-consuming and often complex. The challenge was to design a solution that would simplify the data collection process and enhance the overall user experience.

Our Solution


To address these challenges, we designed and developed an Angular-based mobile web application. Using reactive forms, we dynamically generated forms from a JSON schema, allowing for efficient handling of form changes and ensuring a streamlined experience.

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The Benefits and Results


The implementation of the mobile web application resulted in significant benefits. The efficient handling of form changes improved the overall user experience, while the streamlined data capture process accelerated the life insurance application process for both applicants and insurance agents. Through our end-to-end design and development services, we followed Agile methodologies to ensure timely delivery of high-quality software that met the client's requirements.

Mobile Focussed Approach


The mobile web application was designed with a mobile-first approach, prioritising responsiveness and speed. Leveraging Angular and RXJS technologies, we generated dynamic forms from the JSON schema, creating an intuitive and user-friendly data capture process.


The Conclusion


By creating a mobile web application focused on simplifying life insurance applicant information collection, we successfully improved the user experience and streamlined the data capture process. The project demonstrated our expertise in utilising Angular, reactive forms, and Agile methodologies to deliver high-quality software that meets client requirements. This case study highlights our commitment to enhancing user experiences and optimising business processes through innovative solutions.