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Revolutionising Messaging with MoyaApp, South Africa's Super App

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MoyaApp emerged as a game-changing competitor to Meta-owned WhatsApp, establishing itself as the first real challenger in the South African market. With impressive achievements of 10+ million downloads, 6 million monthly active users, and 4 million daily active users, MoyaApp revolutionised the messaging landscape.

The Collaboration


Since October 2020, Monkey & River has been an integral partner in MoyaApp's journey. Leveraging a large team of skilled designers and developers, Monkey & River undertook the end-to-end design and development of the MoyaPay Mobile Wallet UI, cementing their position as a trusted technical ally.

Delivered Solutions


Through a robust collaboration, Monkey & River successfully delivered a range of solutions for MoyaApp, including the development of an iOS client, a business web portal, MoyaPay business account UI, identity and access management systems, statuses UI, payments API, payment gateway, support systems, and identity verification services for KYC compliance. Additionally, function and performance upgrades were implemented for both Android and iOS mobile apps, ensuring a seamless user experience.


Technology Framework


Utilising cutting-edge technologies, Monkey & River employed Python FastAPI, Java Spring Boot, Angular, Ionic, and Converse.js XMPP client to power the diverse range of solutions developed for MoyaApp. This blend of technologies ensured optimal performance, scalability, and security.

Effective Collaboration and Delivery


The partnership between Monkey & River and MoyaApp has been characterised by seamless collaboration and successful project management. As an integral part of MoyaApp's technical team, Monkey & River's dedicated consultants have consistently delivered key project milestones while providing ongoing support, maintenance, and the ability to scale resources for unexpected projects.


The Conclusion


The collaboration between MoyaApp and Monkey & River has been instrumental in the remarkable success of MoyaApp as a super app in South Africa. By leveraging Monkey & River's expertise and technology prowess, MoyaApp has transformed the messaging landscape, offering millions of users a safe, data-free messaging platform with advanced features and a compliant mobile wallet. This case study highlights the powerful impact of a strategic partnership in driving innovation and redefining industry standards.