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Project Overview


SANParks, a renowned organisation responsible for managing national parks in South Africa, recognised the need to enhance their online booking system. They sought a partner with expertise in design and development to improve the user experience and leverage the latest technologies while adhering to industry standards.



The primary objective of the partnership was to enhance SANParks' online booking system by developing a new user interface that focused on delivering an exceptional user experience. The goal was to provide a reliable and effective system that would exceed client expectations.

Key Elements


The collaboration with SANParks encompassed several key elements:

  1. New User Interface: We worked closely with SANParks to design and develop a fresh, intuitive user interface that would streamline the booking process and enhance overall usability.
  2. Exceptional User Experience: Our team prioritised user experience, ensuring that the redesigned system would be easy to navigate, visually appealing, and responsive across devices.
  3. Utilising Latest Technologies: We leveraged the latest technologies and industry best practices to ensure that the new booking system would be scalable, secure, and optimised for performance.
  4. Following Industry Standards: Adhering to established industry standards helped us ensure compatibility, interoperability, and maintainability of the system.

Solutions and Services Provided


We provided SANParks with comprehensive design and development services, expanding their capabilities and expertise. Our collaboration involved seamless integration with their internal team, enabling efficient communication and knowledge sharing.

We aligned our work methodologies with SCRUM and Agile principles, fostering collaboration and iterative development. To implement the new booking system, we developed the bookings module front-end using Angular, a modern and robust framework for web development.

Results and Achievements


The collaboration with SANParks resulted in significant improvements in the user experience, leading to a higher sales conversion rate for the client. The new design, with its intuitive interface and enhanced usability, received positive feedback from users. By delivering a reliable and effective system that exceeded client expectations, we successfully helped SANParks enhance their online booking capabilities.




The partnership with SANParks highlights our expertise in enhancing digital solutions and delivering exceptional user experiences. By leveraging the latest technologies, following industry standards, and aligning with SCRUM and Agile methodologies, we successfully transformed SANParks' online booking system, achieving outstanding results. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with SANParks and helping them further elevate their digital offerings.