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Monkey and River Hackathon 2024!

monkey & River hackathon 2024!

Welcome to the hackathon arena!

Discover everything you need to know about this year’s Hackathon

What is a hackathon?

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is a vibrant nexus of innovation and creativity, symbolising an intensive period of exploratory programming and problem-solving.

  • The term 'hackathon' is a portmanteau of 'hack' and 'marathon,' emphasising a deep dive into coding and technology, rather than unauthorised activities.
  • Participants in a hackathon are challenged to conceptualise, design, and develop novel software, applications, or systems.
  • The focus of a hackathon can range from specific problem statements to broad themes.
  • Hackathons resemble ignited brainstorming sessions, aiming to transform ideas into tangible, functioning prototypes or products.
  • Beyond coding, hackathons celebrate creativity, collaboration, and innovative problem-solving.
  • Hackathons provide an arena to push the boundaries of technology, experiment with new concepts, and venture into unexplored territories of innovation.
  • In essence, hackathons are not just competitions; they create electrifying environments where ideas take flight, creativity thrives, and groundbreaking solutions are born.
Who can Participate?

Who can Participate?

Our hackathon is tailored for programming enthusiasts who strive for excellence in their coding journey.

  • This event is inclusive of individuals at various stages of their programming development, whether they are students at universities or colleges, participants of coding bootcamps, or self-learners.
  • The core essence of our hackathon revolves around teamwork and collaboration
  • The challenge requires teams of 3 to 4 members, so gather your fellow programming enthusiasts, leverage the power of collective intelligence, and prepare for a thrilling competition that will push your coding skills to their limits.
  • Our hackathon is not merely a contest; it provides a dynamic learning environment, fosters exciting collaborations, and offers a platform to break free from conventional boundaries.
  • Participating in this event offers a unique opportunity to apply your theoretical knowledge, tackle unfamiliar challenges, and potentially create groundbreaking solutions.
How to

How to apply?

Ready to put your skills to the test at our hackathon? We're thrilled to have you onboard! Applying to participate is simple and straightforward:

1. Assemble Your Team:
Before you apply, make sure you have a team of 3 to 4 members.

2. Complete the Application Form:
Attached to this section is the application form. Fill in all the required fields, which include your personal details, your team members' information, and a brief description of your team's expertise and experience.

3. Submit Your Application:
Once you've filled out the form, hit the 'Submit' button. You'll receive a confirmation email once your application is successfully received.

After the application deadline, we'll review all submissions and select teams for the hackathon. We encourage diversity and creativity, so don't hesitate to apply regardless of your background or level of expertise.

Stay tuned for the confirmation email, which will provide further details about the hackathon, including the schedule, theme, rules, and guidelines. We can't wait to see what you and your team will create!

How it

How it works?

Keen on joining our hackathon but wondering how the process unfolds? Here's a step-by-step guide to how it all works:

1.Team generation:
First things first, ensure you've assembled your team of 3 to 4 members and completed the application form. All applications must be made as a team - we aren’t accepting individual applications for this year’s hackathon.

The deadline for submissions is 25 August 2023. You will receive a follow-up email from us to let you know if your application has been selected.


2. Theme and Challenge Hints:
After registration, we'll release hints about the hackathon theme and challenge to give you a head start on brainstorming.
Use this time wisely to begin discussing potential approaches with your team.


3. Phase 1 - Solution Submission and Judging:
When the hackathon officially starts, your team will receive the Phase 1 Brief. From this point, you'll have 48 hours to submit your solution. Your submission will be evaluated based on its innovation, relevance to the theme, and the feasibility of its implementation.


4. Announcement of Top Teams:
After a thorough evaluation, we'll announce the top 5 teams who will proceed to Phase 2.


5. Phase 2 - In-Person Development:
The chosen teams will receive an invitation to our offices for an intense day of development.

When you arrive, you will receive your Phase 2 Specifications - that's when the clock starts ticking. A strict 8-hour time frame will be allocated for the implementation of these new specs. Rest assured, our resources and expert guidance will be at your disposal throughout the process.


6. Phase 2 Judging:
When the time is up, you will present your final project to our panel of judges. You'll need to demonstrate your prototype, talk through your thought process, and explain how your solution tackles the challenge.


7. Awards Ceremony:
After the presentations, the judges will deliberate and the winners will be announced at the awards ceremony.


8. Afterparty:
Regardless of the results, all our Phase 2 teams are invited to join us in celebrating the accomplishments, hard work, and innovation showcased throughout the hackathon at our afterparty. It's not only about winning; it's about learning, innovating, and most importantly, having fun!


We aim to make this hackathon a memorable, educational, and inspiring event. Let's embark on this journey of collaborative creativity, learning, and innovation together!

How do you Win?

Participating in our hackathon offers an exciting opportunity to showcase your team's dedication, creativity, and problem-solving skills. Here's how you can claim the top spot:


1. Phase 1 Judging: Teams will submit their solutions, evaluated by expert judges based on innovation, relevance, feasibility, and potential impact.


2. Advancement to Phase 2: The top 5 teams will be selected to advance to the next round, congratulations if your team is among them!


3. Phase 2 Project Judging: Selected teams will further develop their solutions and present them to judges, considering factors like functionality, creativity, user experience, and technical implementation.


4. Selection of the Winning Team: After a rigorous evaluation, the judges will crown the grand champion based on exceptional innovation, problem-solving, and execution.

What do you win?

Winning at our hackathon isn't just about boasting rights; we've also got some fantastic prizes lined up!

Every team that makes it to Phase 2 will receive exclusive Monkey and River hackathon merchandise as a token of our appreciation. Whether you're sporting it around town or using it to remember the event, this limited-edition gear is a symbol of your achievement and participation in our hackathon.


But the stakes get even higher for the grand champion of the event. The team that takes the top spot at the end of Phase 2 will be awarded a substantial cash prize of R10,000! This is our way of recognising and honouring your innovative spirit, creativity, and hard work.


But, remember, everyone's a winner here. The experience you gain, the skills you refine, and the bonds you form throughout this journey are invaluable. They're rewards in their own right that will serve you far beyond the event. So come prepared, give it your all, and let's make this hackathon an unforgettable experience!

What do you win?

Hackathon application form
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Ready to get in on the action?

Do you and your buddies have what it takes to take on the challenge? Check back here regularly and keep an eye on our social media for info about the MnR Hackathon 2025!