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Since our partnership’s inception in 2015, we’ve been WBC’s go-to consultants for design and innovation, forging a productive relationship.
Primarily, our role has involved offering robust support to WBC’s software teams, augmenting their capabilities and enriching their output.
Together, we’ve embarked on a range of projects, with the most significant including a custom ERP system developed in-house and a suite of user-oriented software.Our main objectives within this collaboration have been to apply our comprehensive knowledge in design and innovation, assisting WBC in refining their software products and markedly upgrading the user experience.This collaboration stands as a powerful endorsement of our design and innovation’s transformative potential within the software development realm.

Solutions & Services Provided:

-Inventory management system design

-Buy and Sales lead management systems design

-CRM design

-Logistics design

-Website design

-Native app design

-Function as design and innovation team

-Develop ideas and comprehensive prototypes

-Collaborate with in-house development team

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